About the World Media Trust (WMT)

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The World Media Trust aims to provide training, consultancy and resources to professional and aspiring media practitioners - particularly in Africa. The Trust began its work in 2004, and to date has mainly been concerned with broadcasting and the press. It is a faith-based educational charity, and over the last few years the Trust has supported projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

Tim Dean was appointed Director following a career in the BBC World Service as a producer, editor, and Commissioning Editor.

The importance of media development

The World Media Trust believes that the development of a strong, vibrant, diverse, responsible and free independent media is crucial to the development and sustaining of open democratic societies. The existence of an independent press makes a major contribution to the alleviation of poverty and the upholding of basic human rights. Without it, democracy is not possible.

Although major aid agencies are committed to media development - the needs far exceed the help available. Many agencies see the establishment of independent media as their goal: but once a country has achieved it - aid agencies often lose interest. This leaves a significant gap in the development of the sustainable values and skills which strengthen responsible media practice. The training of the next generation of journalists and media practitioners is starved of resources.

So the Trust seeks to make its contribution by providing training and resources to professional and aspiring media practitioners. The Trust seeks to forge links with media institutions to offer assistance to broadcasters, publishers and educational establishments left out of aid programmes.