Tim Dean speaking in Islamabad

Tim Dean, speaking in Islamabad about press freedom, as part of a First Step Forum delegation, at an All Pakistan Minorities Alliance event for Pakistani MPs, foreign ambassadors & leaders of religious minorities.
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"Impartiality and Conflict Reporting: The Challenge for Journalistic Integrity" a lecture for the NUJ in Nigeria.
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"Globalization of the Media: Who is Really in Control?" a lecture at Calvin College, Michigan.
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Tim Dean

Tim Dean

Tim Dean was appointed Director of the World Media Trust in 2003 following a varied career in broadcasting and print media.

For twelve years until 2002 he worked for the BBC World Service. First as a senior producer, then as Editor, Programme Development which included responsibility for all Independent production for the World Service. He was also seconded to the Managing Director’s office as Senior Assistant. He became a Commissioning Editor for the English Network and was responsible for the major programme seasons marking key international events; the planning and commissioning all the major ‘landmark’ documentary and feature series; and developing the policy and strategy for all religious programming. He is an award-winning radio producer, collecting a New York Radio Festival award for a programme from Moscow, and a Sanford St Martin award (‘for excellence in religious broadcasting’) for the documentary series about women and religion in the Middle East, Daughters of Abraham.

Tim is a member of First Step Forum – an international network of Members of Parliaments; former Prime Ministers, Foreign Affairs Ministers, and Ambassadors; and others engaged in private, independent international diplomacy for religious freedom and human rights. He is also a senior associate of the Washington-based Institute for Global Engagement – a ‘think-tank with legs’, created to develop sustainable environments for religious freedom worldwide.

Since leaving the BBC Tim has worked on projects in various countries including: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Uganda, the USA & Western Sahara.

Tim is also the part-time Continuing Ministerial development Officer for the Church of England Diocese of Norwich, and also a parish priest in the Reepham Benefice..

Prior to joining the BBC World Service he was the Editor of the journal Third Way (1982-9), and has been on the governing bodies of a number of Christian organisations and agencies.

He is the subject of a biography, Not Once, But Twice (1987) documenting his life-threatening encounters with cancer - with a new edition published in Chinese in 2001.