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The Trust’s funding and support comes mainly from a number individual supporters.

We are also partly funded on a project by project basis by specific agencies. The Trust has received financial help for its work in Nigeria from Christian Aid and the UK High Commission in Abuja through Coventry’s International Centre for Reconciliation, and more recently from an international independent diplomacy group, First Step Forum (of which the Director is a member).

Understandably, when it comes to charitable giving, helping journalists and providing media training does not figure too highly on people’s list of priorities. Giving to help the poor, alleviate suffering, providing aid and disaster relief, etc., will be seen as more urgent and vital tasks.

The Trust believes that providing assistance for good, value-based media and journalism training is also vital for the health of communities and societies in our developing world.

As a UK-registered Charity, we are in constant need of funds. So if you would like to support our work please contact us.