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For some time now the Ghanaian media have had to battle with one lawsuit after another. News editors and commentators have been arrested because of the way they handle issues. There are several cases of alleged defamation still pending in our courts against journalists. Some media houses have been so heavily fined that their operations have nearly come to a halt and several journalists have found themselves in the grips of the law enforcement agencies. Yet other media houses have been accused of soliciting funds from politicians so as to skew their reportage to suit the latter.

It is against the backdrop of all these accusations and allegations that the Trust in collaboration with Accra-based Theovision International organized a course on Media Ethics in 2010, with follow-up training in 2011, provided by Tim dean and Andrew Steele. The course was attended by some of Ghana’s finest Journalists employed by national television stations, media practitioners from FM stations in Accra as well print journalists.