Our purpose is to provide key elements of media training and consultancy so as to strengthen the work of specialist professional and educational organisations in our developing world ~ primarily in Africa.


Media Values for our Developing World

The World Media Trust believes that the development of a strong, vibrant, diverse, responsible, and free independent media is crucial to the development and sustaining of open democratic societies. The existence of an independent press allows public opinion and debate to flourish, and makes a major contribution to the alleviation of poverty and the upholding of basic human rights. Therefore the Trust is committed to training which emphasises:

  • the pursuit of truth in media,
  • encouraging honesty and integrity in media production,
  • accuracy, fairness, objectivity and impartiality in news reporting,
  • transparency and accountability in the encouragement of democratic principles and practice,
  • the dignity of every human being, and the protection of fundamental human rights,
  • the pursuit of excellence and creativity,
  • the enabling of the best professional and ethical practice,
  • and the equality of every person, with particular concern for the needs of marginalised and ‘at risk’ communities.

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West Africa

Working in Nigeria in partnership with the NUJ; and with journalists in Ghana

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East Africa

Supporting key media training in Kenya and Tanzania

Kenya Tanzania

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