The Arusha Tree Project

The Arusha Tree Project video
with Jan-Erik Nyman
(Courtesy Feba UK)

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What We do


In partnership with Habari Maalum Media and Habari Maalum College the Trust provided a short introductory course in media ethics in 2010. Habari Maalum Media is a long-standing organisation run by Tanzania’s Pentecostal Church involved in TV, radio and print production which provides weekly programming for national broadcast networks. With the encouragement of the government, Habari Maalum College has been established.

The short course for both production staff, and media professionals training at the college – many of whom came from a number of Tanzania’s neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi.

Habari Maalum Media has for decades been involved in producing radio programmes on development projects for East Africa. In the mid-1980s following a series of programmes in Swahili on environmental protection and tree planting, they were approached by the Minister for Cultural Resources. The minister pointed out that the area around Arusha where HMM is based had no trees. So in partnership with the area’s inhabitants, HMM took on the production of tree seedlings . The seedlings were distributed along with programmes on audio cassette about tree cultivation. As a consequence, over the decades they have seen over six million trees planted in the area, and currently produce over 150,000 seedlings a year.